Good afternoon,

This has been a busy week with the children starting their clubs and individual music and enrichment lessons beginning. Highlights of the week are:


Transport for London have been in touch to confirm that, following the quality assurance they undertook over the summer, Rosemead has gained a new accreditation level and we are now a Gold STARS school. We received really good feedback from TfL on our activities as well as on the great modal shift achieved as part of our travel plan. Only 10% of London schools are Gold accredited, setting high standards to inspire others to transform travel habits, fully engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day.


 Thursday marked the birthday of one of our most loved authors and what a positively splendiferous and colourful day it was. The school was full of Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonkas, a couple of Twits and even the Roly-Poly bird, to name but a few that arrived for the school day! It was a joy to see how Roald Dahl’s stories continue to brighten and delight our lives today. A truly Dahlicious Day was certainly had by all.


 LAMDA: The children received their LAMDA Speech and Drama certificates today.

 House Points: This week Blyton gained 5 house points, Forester gained 1 house point, Shackleton gained 2 house points and Shelton gained 3 house points. Congratulations Blyton.


 LAMDA: The children received their LAMDA Speech and Drama certificates today; this included Jessica, 6I whose name was omitted from the results last week.

Ballet: Congratulations to the children who collected ballet certificates in the Celebration assembly today.

Charity Work: Last Saturday afternoon Jessica W, Ceci and Scarlett B held a yard sale for the charity Alzheimer’s Society, raising an amazing £150. These children know the value of giving to others and they certainly look very happy – see their photographs on our Facebook page.

House Points: This week Blyton gained 1 house point, Forester gained 5 house points, Shackleton gained 2 house points and Shelton gained 3 house points. Congratulations Forester.


Year 3 Netball training session with Oakfield: The season began with a friendly training session with Oakfield. All the children gained much valuable experience.

Rugby Captain: Congratulations to Daniel, 6C who was awarded the position of Rosemead Rugby captain last week.


New Music Members: Mrs Holmes and the music teachers extend a warm welcome to all those new members joining the various music groups. Please help your children by reminding them to bring their music and instrument on the relevant day and encourage a regular home practice routine.

Free Pianos: We have two upright pianos in the Pre-Prep surplus to requirements looking for good homes. If you would like one please contact Ray Sawyer. Buyer collects.


Visiting Heads of Senior Schools: Parents are most welcome to attend assembly when we have a visiting Head speak and afterwards to join Mr Soutar for coffee. This is the programme for the remainder of the term:

Monday 24th September – Mr R Teague, Headmaster of The Cedars School
Monday 1st October – Mr Tim Lello, Headmaster of Babington House School
Monday 8th October – Mr Chris Hutchinson, Headmaster of Royal Russell School
Monday 15th October – Dr Sachania, Headmaster of Streatham & Clapham High School
Monday 5th November – Mr Nick Hewlett, Headmaster of St. Dunstan’s College
Monday 19th November – Dr Joe Spence, Headmaster of Dulwich College tbc
Monday 26th November – Mrs Angela Drew, Headmistress of Bromley High School
Monday 3rd December – Mr Alasdair Kennedy, Headmaster of Trinity School

 Harvest Festival dates:

Wednesday 2nd October at 09.10, for RA, RW and Nursery in Pre-Prep hall
Thursday 4th October at 08.55, for Years 3-6 in Prep hall
Friday 5th October at 14.45, for Years 1-2 in Prep hall

You are most welcome to join us to celebrate harvest; full details will be emailed separately.

Open Morning: We firmly believe that our pupils and parents are our best advertisement for Rosemead, which is why we would like the children to be present on our first Open Morning on Saturday 13th October, 10.00-12.30. Your presence would also be greatly appreciated, to act as a guide and talk to prospective parents about what Rosemead is like from your perspective. If you or your children are able to come please complete the form: All help is most welcome.


 Parents are most welcome to attend assembly on Monday which will be delivered by Mr Nick House, Head of Year 7, Emanuel School. Mr House will be accompanied by a former Rosemead pupil. There will be an opportunity to have coffee with Mr Soutar and Mr House afterwards.

 Have a lovely weekend.

With my best wishes,

Lesley Kastoryano