Leavers’ Destinations

Year 6 Entrance Results 2020

Number of Schools

Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils who once again excelled and have gained places at some of the areas most prestigious schools.

Number of Offers

The children have achieved great things through a balance of outstanding teaching, hard work, commitment to opportunity and willingness to explore new experiences.

Scholarship Offers

Ranging from Music, Sport, Art and Drama, as well as an extremely high number of Academic awards, these scholarships show how we are providing for, and nurturing, children with a range of different talents and interests.

Rosemead’s nurturing environment and pursuit of excellence is evident in these fantastic results. No other school could have achieved so much in such a balanced and positive manner. At Rosemead, the 11+ is something to be celebrated amongst children, parents and teachers.

Year 6 Parent

Congratulations to all the pupils for their hard work and dedication, also to the staff involved for their advice, pastoral care and teaching over the years, which starts as soon as they join Rosemead and the effect continues long after they have left us.

To view our latest results in full please see below.

Year 6 Entrance Results 2020

Independent Senior School

Number of Offers

Scholarships Offered

St Dunstan’s College266 Academic, 4 Art, 1 Music, 1 Drama
Streatham and Clapham High School 186 Academic
Sydenham High School141 Academic, 1 Sport, 1 Drama
Royal Russell School 92 Academic, 1 Sport, 1 Art
Alleyn’s School71 Academic, 1 Art
James Allen’s Girls’ School7
Trinity School 62 Academic, 1 Art, 1 Honorary
Whitgift School5
Dulwich College52 Academic
Bishop Challenor School41 Academic
City of London2
Emanuel School 2
Thomas’s, Battersea1
Wetherby Senior School1
Kensington Park School 1
Babington House School 1
Kent College 11 Academic
Dover College 1
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle1
King’s High School, Warwick 11 Art
Caterham School 11 Art and Design
Eltham College 1

State Maintained

Number of Offers

Scholarships Offered

The Charter School, North Dulwich7
Kingsdale Foundation 61 Sport, 2 Music
Forest Hill School 2
Harris Academy 2
Wallington Grammar1
Westminster City School 1
The Charter School, East Dulwich 1
Elmgreen School 1
Burntwood Academy 1
The Norwood School 1
Evelyn Grace Academy 1
Sydenham School 1

Total Number Of Places Offered: 140
Number Of Awards Offered: 40

Year 6 Entrance Results 2019

Senior SchoolNumber of OffersScholarships Offered
St Dunstan’s College3612 Academic, 5 Art, 2 Music , 1 Drama
Sydenham High School233 Academic , 2 Art , 1 Drama
Streatham and Clapham High School 184 Art, 3 Academic
Royal Russell School 147 Academic, 2 Art, 1 Music, 1 Drama
Trinity School 131 Academic, 1 Sport, 1 All-round
Emanuel School 101 Academic, 1 Art, 1 Sport
Whitgift School91 Academic, 1 Sport, 3 All-Round
Alleyn’s School81 Academic, 1 Art
Kingsdale Foundation71 Music, 2 Maths
James Allen’s Girls’ School71 Art
Dulwich College6
The Charter School6
Bromley High School4
Harris Academy3
The Old Palace21 All-round, 1 Sport
Wallington Grammar 2
Elmgreen School2
Blackheath High School 11 Art
Roedean School 11 Sport
Rosemead Preparatory School1
Eltham College 11 Sport
Dulwich Prep London 1
Colfe’s School 1
Chestnut Grove Academy 11 Art
Benenden 1
Croydon High School 1
Francis Holland School 1
More House School 1
Queen’s College London 1
St Mary’s, Calne 1
Wilsons Grammar 1
Royal Alexandra and Albert School 1
Hockerill Anglo-European College 1
Greycoat Hospital 1
The Norwood School 1
Dunraven 1
Le Retraite 1
Prendergast Ladywell 1

Total Number Of Places Offered: 190
Number Of Awards Offered: 67

Year 6 Entrance Results 2018

PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries and Exhibitions
21St Dunstan’s College6Academic Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
1Drama Scholarship
1Art Scholarship
17Sydenham High School2Art Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
12Royal Russell School3Academic Scholarships
10Streatham and Clapham High School1Art Scholarship
8Whitgift School
7Kingsdale1Maths Scholarship
2Music Scholarships
1Sport Scholarship
3Trinity School1Art Scholarship
3Dulwich College
3Alleyn’s School
3Bromley High School
3Blackheath High School
3Colfe’s School
3The Charter
2Woldingham School1Art Scholarship
2Mayfield1Art Scholarship
2Bales College
2James Allen’s Girls’ School
2Babington House1Art Scholarship
1Sport Scholarship
2Evelyn Grace Academy
1Summerfields School1Academic Scholarship
1Caterham School
1Radnor House
1Bishop Challenor
1Farrington’s School
1The Cedars
1Grey Coat Hospital
1Broomwood Hall
1St Mary’s Ascot
1St Lawrence College
1Elstree School
1Woodcote House School
1Benenden School
1Handcross Park School
1The Royal High School Bath
1The Norwood School
1St Mark’s Church of England Academy
1Buller Wood
1Eltham Hill

Total Number Of Places Offered: 128
Number Of Awards Offered: 26

Year 6 Entrance Results 2017
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
24St. Dunstan's College16Academic Scholarships
4Art Scholarships
2Music Scholarships
2Sports Scholarship
1Drama Scholarship
10Sydenham High School2Academic Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
9Emanuel School1Academic Scholarship
9Royal Russell School1Academic Scholarship
7Dulwich College2Academic Scholarships
7Trinity School1Academic Scholarship
1All Rounder Scholarship
7Whitgift School2Academic Scholarships
1All Rounder Scholarship
6Alleyn's School1Academic Scholarship
2Ipswich Prep1Art Scholarship
5Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls
5James Allen's Girls' School
2Bishop Challoner
2The Charter School
2Wycombe Abbey
2Wilson's Grammar School for Boys
1Blackheath High School
1Broomwood Hall
1Bromley High School for Girls
1City of London Girls School
1Cumnor House
1Eden Park High School
1Haberdashers Askes Hatcham College
1More House School
1Portland Place
1Sydenham Girls School
1Thames Christian College
1The Cedars
1The Hall

Total Number Of Places Offered: 117
Number Of Awards Offered: 39
Year 6 Entrance Results 2016
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
22St. Dunstan's College8Academic Scholarships
2Art Scholarships
12Sydenham High School2Academic Scholarships
1Art Scholarship
9Streatham and Clapham3Academic Scholarships
High School for Girls2Art Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
7James Allen's Girls' School1Academic Scholarship
6Royal Russell School2Academic Scholarships
5Alleyn's School2Academic Scholarships
1Sports Exhibition
5Trinity School1Academic Scholarship
4Whitgift School1Academic Scholarship
4The Charter School
3Emanuel School1Academic Scholarship
1Art Scholarship
1Music Scholarship
3Kingsdale Foundation School1Music Scholarship
2Dulwich Prep London
2Rodean1Academic Scholarship (Top Scholarship)
2Dulwich College
1Christ's Hospital1Academic Scholarship
1Dulwich College Prep, Cranbrook1Academic Exhibition
1Millfield1Academic Scholarship
1Sports Scholarship
1Old Palace1Academic Scholarship
1Reasoning Award
1Bishop Challoner1Academic Scholarship (Top Scholarship)
1Bromley High School for Girls1Music Scholarship
1Headington School1Science Prize
1Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy1Sports Scholarship
1Walthamstow Hall1Music Exhibition
1Blackheath High School
1Harris Boys Acadamy
1The London Nautical School
1Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar
1Wimbledon High School

Total Number Of Places Offered: 101
Number Of Awards Offered: 43
Year 6 Entrance Results 2015
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
36St. Dunstan's College14Academic Scholarships
2Art Scholarships
4Sports Scholarships
2Music Scholarships
1Music Exhibition
1Drama Scholarship
24Sydenham High School5Academic Scholarships
1Art Scholarship
1Sports Scholarship
1Music Scholarship
16Trinity School1Academic Scholarship
2Sports Scholarships
16Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls2Academic Scholarships
2Art Scholarship
13Royal Russell School9Academic Scholarships
9Alleyn's School1Music Exhibition
9Whitgift School
9Emanuel School1Academic Scholarship
1Sports Scholarship
1Music Scholarship
6Dulwich College1Major Academic Scholarship
5James Allen's Girls' School1Academic Scholarship
3The Charter School1Academic Scholarship
2Eltham College1Sports Scholarship
2Kent College1Academic Scholarship
2Kingsdale Foundation School1Music Scholarship
1Academic Scholarship
1Bromley High School for Girls1Academic Scholarship
1Old Palace1Head's Special Award
1Broomwood Hall
1City Heights Academy
1City of London School for Girls
1Cumnor House
1Elm Green School
1Ewell Castle School
1Greycoat Hospital School
1Hall School Wimbledon
1Newton Prep
1Wimbledon High School

Total Number Of Places Offered: 164
Number Of Awards Offered: 60
Year 6 Entrance Results 2014
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
21Sydenham High School6Academic Scholarships
17St Dunstan’s College10Academic Scholarships
3Foundation Awards
1Bursary Award
3Art Scholarships
2Sports Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
13James Allen’s Girls’ School3Academic Scholarships
11Streatham and Clapham High School22 Academic Scholarships
1Art Scholarship
1Music Scholarship
7Emanuel School1Major Art Scholarship
1Music Scholarship
7Alleyn’s School
6Dulwich College1Academic Scholarship
6Trinity School3Academic Scholarships
1Art Scholarship
5Royal Russell School1Academic Scholarship
3Whitgift School1Art Scholarship
1Sports Scholarship
2Croydon High School1Academic Scholarship
2Burntwood School
2The Charter School
2Newstead Wood School for Girls
2Thames Christian College
1Alton Convent School1Academic Scholarship
1Aylesbury Grammar School
1Kingsdale Foundation School1Sports Scholarship
1Old Palace1Academic Scholarship
1Bromley High School for Girls
1Broomwood Hall
1City of London School for Girls
1City of London School
1Dulwich Prep London
1Greenshaw Grammar School
1Oxford High School
1Sevenoaks School
1St Paul’s Girls’ School
1Townley Grammar School for Girls
1Wimbledon High School
1Wallington Grammar School
1Wilson’s Grammar School for Boys

Total Number Of Places Offered: 131
Number Of Awards Offered: 47


Year 6 Entrance Results 2013
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
24St. Dunstan’s College9Academic Scholarships
5Foundation Awards
3Sports Scholarships
1Music Scholarship
12Sydenham High School6Academic Scholarships
8James Allen’s Girls’ SchoolMusic Exhibition
1Sports Exhibition
7Emanuel School1Major Academic Scholarship
1Major Music Scholarship
6Trinity School1Academic Scholarship
4Alleyn’s School1Academic Scholarship
1Sports Exhibition
4Dulwich College1Major Academic Scholarship
2Academic Scholarships
4Whitgift School
3Bromley High School for Girls1Academic Scholarship
3Kingsdale Foundation School
3Royal Russell School1Academic Scholarship
3Streatham and Clapham High School1Academic Scholarship
2Bishop Challoner
1Talbot Heath School1All-Rounder Scholarship
1Old Place1Head’s Award
1Norwood School1Visual Arts Bursary
1City of London School for Girls
1Dunraven School
1The Elmgreen School
1The Hall School Wimbledon
1Newstead Wood School for Girls
1St. Olave’s Grammar School
1Wallington Grammar School
1Wilson’s Grammar School for Boys

Total Number Of Places Offered: 95
Number Of Awards Offered: 42
Year 6 Entrance Results 2012
PlacesSchoolScholarships, Bursaries, and Exhibitions
35St. Dunstan’s College9Academic Scholarships
8Foundation Awards
3Sports Scholarships
1Art Scholarship
1Music Exhibition
1Music Scholarship
14Sydenham High School1Academic Scholarship
1Art Scholarship
1Foundation Award
12Trinity School3Academic Scholarships
1All-Rounder Scholarship
1Art Scholarship
1Sports Scholarship
9James Allen’s Girls’ School1Sport Exhibition
7Alleyn’s School
6Streatham and Clapham High School
6Whitgift School1Sports Scholarship
1Bromley High School for Girls1Academic Scholarship
4Dulwich College
2The Elmgreen School
2Francis Holland (SW1)
1Bishop Challoner
1Burntwood School
1Dunraven School
1Emanuel School
1Kent College (Pembury)1Academic Scholarship
1Old Palace
1Riddlesdown Collegiate
1Royal Russel School1Academic Scholarship
1The Charter School
1The Dwight School (New York)
1Woldingham School

Total Number Of Places Offered: 115
Number Of Awards Offered: 37