Forest School

We are really excited to be able to offer our Forest School initiative to the children at Rosemead. As you can see the children take part in a variety of different activities ranging from bug hunts to den building, but most importantly having lots of fun!

Children across the Early Years attend our Forest School sessions once a week in a mixed group from Pre-Nursery to Reception. Despite the name, Forest School can take place in any natural outdoor environment. Our Forest School takes place on our playing fields and surrounding woodland, and also within the school grounds.

Our vision

At Rosemead Prep School and Nursery, the focus of our Forest School is to develop the children’s self-esteem, confidence and independence through small, achievable tasks. Children have the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a calm, active and purposeful atmosphere. The skills they learn at Forest School will be transferred to the classroom, creating a positive and happy attitude towards learning.

Benefits of Forest School

Activities carried out are linked to all seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Forest school helps children develop a range of skills that are hard to teach in the classroom. It is very physical, with activities that support development of both fine and gross motor skills. Children develop independence, learning to assess and take risks. Through trial and error, children learn to deal with making mistakes and develop the resilience to keep trying, a vital skill to possess throughout life.

Child-Led Learning

Forest school is child-led where staff observe the children rather than direct them. This allows children space and time to play, reconnect with nature and their environment, learn to take risks and have their own adventures.

Rules of Forest School

  • Look after your Forest School environment.
  • Do not pick anything growing (‘no pick, no lick’).
  • Do not put your fingers or anything else in your mouth.
  • Stay within the boundary rope – we don’t go over it, we don’t go under it.

Every session the children are reminded to show care and concern for the natural environment. Forest School sessions will take place in almost any weather conditions unless conditions are unsafe (for example, very high winds or thunderstorms). We expect children therefore to come equipped with appropriate clothing.