Rosemead’s constitution is unusual in that we are largely parent-governed. The Thurlow Educational Trust is the charitable company to which we all pay fees. The Trust is ultimately responsible for all the School’s affairs.

Who are the Governors?

The Board of Governors is comprised mainly of parents whose children are at the School. The composition of the Board, their tenure of office and the officers of the Board are regulated by the Companies Act and the Trust’s Articles of Association.

Company Secretary

Ray Sawyer (Chief Administrations Officer)

Current Governors are

Nick Crawford (Chair – Contactable through the School Office)
Kim Murray (Safeguarding)
Alison Morgan (HR)
Tim Lello (Education and Enrichment)
Anne Crane (Planning)
Ben Jones (Education)
Mathew Horne (Legal)
Morrican Horne (Legal)
Tom Rutteman (Marketing)
Mieke Van Hemelrijck
Tom Shave
Rachel Thomas
Aman Bhandari

Role of the Governors

The role of the governing body is to determine the aims and overall conduct of the School and formulate and review the policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils. The day to day running of the School (in terms of curriculum, staff and pupils) is entirely the Head’s responsibility, but ultimate responsibility for all policies and finances lies with the Board. In order for the School to function properly, it is essential that the Head has full freedom of operation in the discharge of his responsibilities. A stable and effective working relationship between the Head and the Governors is vital.

Meetings of the Governors

The Governors meet at least termly to consider the Head’s report on all matters under his jurisdiction, and to ensure that the School’s financial affairs are in order and that the buildings are well maintained. Matters such as the acquisition of additional premises and any other issues are also discussed at these meetings.

What skills do Governors need?

We always have a good range of professional and non-professional skills on the Board. It is always particularly helpful to have professionals such as accountants, lawyers, architects and/or surveyors and parents with experience of education. There are also roles for Governors without professional qualifications such as road safety and liaising with the Rosemead School Association. All Governors must be prepared to contribute time and effort for the benefit of Rosemead.

Who are the Governors and how do I become one?

New Governors are formally elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Trust in May/June, when Governors who have served three year either stand down or offer themselves for re-election.

Anybody wishing to know more about the constitution or how to become a Governor should contact the Company Secretary through the school office.