At Rosemead we feel that children embarking on “the best years of their lives” should do so as happy, confident people.

The philosophy of learning through play continues in the Reception year. The children are also introduced to a more formal approach to language, literature, and mathematics, with an emphasis on the teaching of phonics and correct letter formation. Mathematical learning combines practical activities and a published scheme. Specialist teaching begins in the Foundation Stage in music, PE, Spanish and ICT.

Children spend two full years in Key Stage 1 in mixed ability classes. Our syllabus has been carefully devised and is based on the National Curriculum, which builds on the areas covered during the Foundation Stage.

Since it is the vehicle to facilitate most of the children’s learning, we support a structured approach to the teaching of reading at Rosemead and use the phonetic alphabet alongside our reading schemes. A wide range of reading material suits readers of all abilities. We aim for pupils to become independent readers by the age of 7, and additional reading staff help the children to achieve this.

The children are taught joined handwriting in Year 2 so that they are joining fluently and are ready to start writing in ink during their first term in Year 3.

The children enjoy the benefits of regular educational visits and guests coming to school. They thoroughly enjoy these and certainly learn a great deal through their experiences.