Environment Matters

Air Quality

We monitor the air quality in both playgrounds to ensure children are not outside during times of poor air quality.

Although we haven’t had the air quality monitors in the playground for long there has not been any sustained period of poor air quality in either playground to warrant bringing children inside.

Despite our close proximity to the south circular it is re-assuring to see pollution levels are consistently well within safe limits.

µg/m3 is a reading of particles that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres. Any reading below 35µg/m3 is considered good.
CO2 ppm is Carbion Dioxide parts per million. Any reading below 1000 ppm is considered good.

More information on PM2.5 levels can be found on defra.gov.uk

Pre-Prep Playground

Prep Playground

Readings are updated hourly.

School Travel Plan

Following the quality assurance undertaken by TfL over the summer, Rosemead has gained a new accreditation level and we are now a Gold STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) school. We received really good feedback from TfL on our activities as well as on the great modal shift achieved as part of our travel plan. Only 10% of London schools are Gold accredited, setting high standards to inspire others to transform travel habits, fully engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day.

At Rosemead our School Travel Plan (STP) has three objectives:

• To make children safer on their route to and from school
• To improve physical activity levels of children by encouraging walking, cycling and scooting to school
• To reduce the number of cars being used on the school run, with the aim of reducing pollution and congestion around the school, as well as the danger to children

We encourage active travel to school through initiatives such as bikeability, pedestrian training and scooter training for our children. Parents are encouraged to be considerate towards our neighbours in parking their cars and to be mindful of the safety of our children and their parents; school A-frames remind parents not to park dangerously.

The School Council Committee worked with Living Streets to develop a school parking/walking map, to help alleviate parking issues related to the school run. The children looked at the local area and identified good places to park, about an easy five minute walk from the school. The map is the product of their work and we hope you find it useful. As a school we support being active on the school journey through our school travel plan, and the promotion of walking, cycling and scooting, and if not possible for the whole journey, a 5 minute walk is achievable and will support our aims to be a healthier school and considerate neighbour to local residents. The map clearly shows a 5 minute ‘no parking’ zone around the school, which we ask parents to respect and not park within, as well as places you can park, if you have to drive.

Park and Stride Map