2018 – 2019 Fees

Registration Fee and Deposit

Registration Fee (non-refundable) £50
Deposit £1000

The deposit will be retained by the school and refunded after a child’s final term at the school, providing the child has attended for at least three terms. Any outstanding charges will be deducted from the deposit. Should a child not join the school after accepting a place or attend for less than three terms the deposit will not be refundable.

Fees Per Term


Information on tax-free childcare can be found here.

A minimum charge is applied to all Nursery Places £2246 (per term)
Each AM or PM session is charged at £449 (per term)
Nursery (Full-time) £3702 (per term)
Monthly (via the Termly Instalment Plan) £926 (monthly)

Ad-Hoc additional sessions are charged at £42 per session.

All Nursery children are expected to attend a minimum of five mornings during the Autumn term; a minimum of five mornings and two afternoons in the Spring term and full-time in the Summer term.

However, subject to agreement of the Head of Pre-Prep, parents may elect to undertake a combination of sessions across the week. Should a parent wish to attend 5 mornings only, or 3 full days then the fee will be calculated by the number of sessions. 1 morning or afternoon equals 1 session – 1 day equals 2 sessions. Fees are capped for 9 or more sessions. (Termly Instalment Scheme is not available for part-time Nursery fees.

Sessions Fee
Up to 5 £2246
6 £2696
7 £3145
8 £3594
9 £3702
10 £3702

Reception to Year 2

Per term £4005
Monthly (via the Termly Instalment Plan) £1001

Year 3 to Year 6

Per term £4230
Monthly (via the Termly Instalment Plan) £1057

All fees must be paid by direct debit. These can either be in full at the start of each term or by termly Instalments over four months. The fees are inclusive of lunches, milk, stationery and swimming (Year 1 and above) and include cover of up to £1 million per child under the Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme. Fees are subject to annual reviews. Whenever possible, a term’s notice will be given of the intention to increase the fees for tuition or extra subjects. However, if circumstances arise in which costs have to be recouped immediately, the Board of Governors may be forced to increase the fees at less than a term’s notice.