Early Morning and After-School Care at Rosemead

Early Morning Care

Early morning care is available from 07.30 at both the Pre-Preparatory and the Preparatory Departments. This service is not a Breakfast Club, although the children are offered light refreshments. The children are able to enjoy various activities and games under the supervision of a member of staff, until the start of school. The service is flexible and can be used without prior notification.

The timings and charges are set out below:

Time Cost
7.30am – to the start of school £12 (£8 for siblings)
7.30am – 8am £6 (£4 for siblings) NB: This half-hour session is offered as some Prep clubs start at 8.00am
8am – to the start of school £6 (£4 for siblings)

After School Care

Our in-house after-school care for Pre-Nursery to Year 2 takes place in the Nursery classroom and outdoor area with our own Pre-Prep Staff. Please use the exterior Nursery door to collect from, via the playground.

Year 3 – 6 in-house after-school care is provided in the Elmcourt Road building and runs from the close of school until 18.00 each day. The children at the Preparatory Department are collected at the end of the school day and accompanied to the Pre-Preparatory Department by a member of staff. Children have an hour of structured activities and an hour of supervised free-play which includes an opportunity to do homework and socialise before going home.

We are using a graduated payment plan so that you are paying a different amount depending on the time that you use it for.

From the end of school until 4.30pm, the charge will be £8.
From the end of an after school club until 5.30pm, the charge will also be £8.
From 5.30pm until 6pm, the charge will be £5.

So, for example, if you stay for the whole session until 6pm, the charge will be £21, after a club until 6pm would be £13, after school until 5.30pm would be £16 etc.

Pick up times will be carefully noted so that we are fairly charging for exactly what you have used, at the end of term. We will also provide a light healthy snack during the sessions which may include toast, cucumber sticks, cheese, rice cakes etc.

There is no need to book in for these sessions but it would be helpful to know if possible if you will be using the service. This can be relayed through the class teacher or the Pre Prep office. If you are late picking up from a club or after school then the children will be taken to the after school care for your collection. You will only be charged if you are more than 10 minutes late.