Good morning,

Our Sports Day was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by participants and supporters alike. A few ominous clouds threatened the proceedings, but all ran smoothly. Several records were broken – congratulations to those children for performing at such a high standard. A special thank you to the Sports Department – Ms King, Mr Harrison, Mr Baron and Mr Rowland for all their work behind the scenes and the running of the day. Thank you also to Mr Laws for starting the races and Mr Gallagher for timing. Ms King, Director of Sport, has been meticulous in her arrangements and I am sure that you will join with me in thanking and congratulating her of all the planning in the weeks leading up to today and everything that she did this morning and this afternoon to make this such a lovely day for the children. The combined result from the Pre-Prep and the Prep:

1st Forester
2nd Blyton
3rd Shackleton
4th Shelton

Congratulations Forester!

Other highlights of the week are:


 RA Class Assembly: Congratulations to RA for their super assembly on Tuesday about Forest school. All the children spoke well and sang with joy. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to share their learning with their families. Thank you to their teacher, Miss Ashton, for helping them with this.

 RW Class Assembly: On Wednesday we heard of RW’s passion for superheroes! The children knew their words and spoke clearly; and their singing was quite delightful. Judging by the smiles on the faces of their families, everyone was justifiably proud of their own superhero. Congratulations RW and Miss Wilson.


 Year 4 visit to London Zoo: On Tuesday Year 4 enjoyed their final educational visit of the year to ZSL London Zoo. In conjunction with their habitats topic in Science, the children were tasked with investigating how the zoo had provided specific environments that were designed according to each of the animal’s natural habitat. Whilst the children wondered at the lions, tigers, gorillas, hippos, lemurs, penguins and so many more, they also developed their already fantastic knowledge during a Habitats and Adaptation workshop. Some of the children also enjoyed meeting a particularly cheeky goat, who to great amusement managed to eat a chunk of one of our guide maps! A terrific day of fantastic learning and experience for all the children. Thank you very much to all of our parent volunteers for their great assistance too.

 Street Safe: On Tuesday, 6I and half of 6L had great fun learning about how to be safe and cautious on the streets. They learnt some fantastic karate moves and how to react if they ever found themselves in any danger. The best bit of course was practising these moves on each other!

 Visit from Author Matt Haig: On Tuesday, the best-selling children’s author, Matt Haig, visited Rosemead to talk about his new book ‘Evie and the Animals’. It is about a girl who has the ability to talk to animals and has strong environmental themes as well as being kind and true to yourself. The book is packed with fascinating animal facts. To whet appetites, Matt did a True or False quiz with the children to explore some of the more outrageous animal facts; Did you know sea otters hold hand whist they’re sleeping so as not to drift away from each other? The children were engaged and inspired by the talk. Those who had purchased his book left buzzing after meeting Matt at the signing afterwards. There were lots of children eager to get home and start reading!

 6C Class assembly: 6C delighted us yesterday as they reminisced about their time at Rosemead. They displayed great acting skills, interjected with humour and fun in bucket loads. Above all they showed a genuine warmth and bond towards each other. Congratulations to 6C and their teacher, Miss Cornejo.

 House Points: This week Blyton gained 2 house points, Forester gained 1 house point, Shackleton gained 3 house points and Shelton gained 5 house points. Congratulations Shelton.


 Singing Showcase: On Thursday at the Prep, families were treated to a wonderful singing concert. Children sang solo, in duets and groups a diverse range of songs. Many were from musicals and they certainly had us tapping our toes. Thank you to Miss Holmes for arranging this joyful event and working with the children to develop their vocal strengths.


 White Gloves: Girls in Years 1-6 by tradition wear white gloves for their Celebration of Success Ceremonies. These are available to purchase, at £5.00 a pair, from the school offices.


 National Clean Air Day: Local authorities, businesses and charities across the country are gearing up for National Clean Air Day, on 20th June. To celebrate this important day, Lambeth is hosting a week full of inspirational events to raise awareness of pollution issues and empower people to improve air quality in the borough. For information visit:


 World Wildlife Fund: Tilly (5B), Poppy (5B) and Sorrell (3R) made brownies for a charity bake sale held outside Tilly’s home on Saturday. They are to be congratulated for raising £28.70 for WWF.


 Norwood Action Group: A Public Meeting and AGM to discuss the major redevelopment plans for West Norwood and Tulse Hill at The Salvation Army Hall, 246 Norwood Road, SE27 9AW will be held on Thursday 20th June – doors open 6:45pm with complimentary refreshments. After years of little activity, West Norwood and Tulse Hill now has a dedicated Lambeth Council regeneration team. During the public meeting invited guest speakers from Lambeth Council and from Norwood Planning Assembly will explain current thinking. This will be followed by a Q&A session.


 LAMDA Examinations: The examinations will be held on Wednesday 26th June in the school day. If your children are involved please encourage them to keep going over their lines.

 Celebrations of Success:

Thursday 27th June, 09.15 – EYFS (Reception and Nursery)
Friday 28th June, 09.15 – Years 1-2
Wednesday 3rd July, 09.15 – Pre-Nursery
Saturday 6th July, 10.30 – Years 3-4
Saturday 6th July, 13.30 – Years 5-6


 Christian parents will be meeting on Monday at 8pm; all interested welcome. Please contact Katie for further details ([email protected]).

International Day is on Tuesday, the children may dress for the country or continent that they will be investigating.

Next Saturday the Summer Fair is held. If you are able to lend a hand the RSA would be most grateful, please contact Deepa. To help with the bottle and chocolate tombolas, Friday is a non-uniform day in exchange for bottles and chocolate.

Have a lovely weekend and especially a very happy Fathers’ Day on Sunday.

 With my best wishes,

Lesley Kastoryano



It gives me great pleasure to announce the final offers from this year’s 11+ Senior School Entrance results. We are extremely proud to say that this year is the second best set of results on the last 5 years for number of offers, after our record breaking results of last year.

More information can be found by following the link below.

Best Wishes

Phil Soutar

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