Good morning,

Last week was due to be our penultimate one before the Easter holiday. However, as the situation unfolded on Wednesday we found that we, rather abruptly, reached the final day before Easter on Friday. The children continued to lift our spirits and enjoyed their time together both in work and play.

The teachers have been busy over recent weeks preparing for the children’s remote learning which has started today. Not quite the same as being in school but children are very adaptable to change and this experience will make them even finer citizens in the future.

Coincidentally, our theme last week was patience, and this is something that we will all need in the coming weeks as we spend more time at home. This time offers us opportunities to do things that in our busy lives we never seem to have time for. The children might acquire new hobbies, tidy their bedrooms, learn how to prepare simple meals and certainly build resilience for the rest of their lives.

Stay safe with your family.

With my best wishes,

Lesley Kastoryano

Open Mornings

Usually this term we would be delighted to welcome prospective parents and their children into Rosemead at one of our major Open Mornings.

Due to the current restrictions, we are unable to do that so we have created a series of opportunities for a small group of visitors to join the Headmaster for a short tour of the school.

These showrounds are regular throughout the term and are limited in the number of visitors that we can allow, so please visit our website to learn more about the measures we have in place for this and the availability to book in.

We don’t want to deny parents the opportunity to see what Rosemead can offer your children both academically and pastorally – balance and excellence are key!

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